Oct. 20, 2022

Sandra Epps, artist and author and Founder of Sandy’s Land LLC and the Detroit Doll Show.

Sandra Epps, artist and author and Founder of Sandy’s Land LLC and the Detroit Doll Show.

A fun and phenomenal interview with Sandra Epps, artist and author. Founder of Sandy’s Land LLC an entertainment service and the Detroit Doll Show. www.inthedollworld.com

As a creative force and a survivor of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), a disease where the immune system attacks both the body tissue and organs, Sandra continues to use her strength, resiliency, passion, and creativity in celebrating history, culture, self-love, and diversity with the promotion of dolls of color and through her art.

Sandra shares with us how a “one-time” event she created to inspire and support her niece during a time when she was feeling not represented and bullied about the way she looked turned into a powerful event that not only helped to showcase black doll artists but increase the self-esteem in so many young girls and women.

She also shared how her triumph over lupus also inspired her first self-published children’s book -- Imani Has the Most Exciting Dream! to assist children who are faced with adversities to transform their fear into faith. Her second book, Girl Power Discover the Princess Within provide key tools to help build a girl’s self-esteem with tips to defuse a bully’s action, ignite self-love, fun journaling and how to develop healthy friendship’s. And most recently Epps has written, Girlfriend, It’s Time to SOAR! A Work Journal for Personal Transformation to help women to affirm their success, prompt positive introspection and get focused on living their best life at any age. The book also includes her artwork that celebrates women and the transcendental meaning of butterflies.

We also talk with her about why she felt it was important to create a Doll Legacy Award and we get to hear who the recipients of the 2022 Doll Legacy Award will be given to.  I also get to thank her again for being the recipient of the 2015 Detroit Doll Show Legacy Award for Big Beautiful Dolls, as it truly meant a lot to me.

Sandra continues to move through life with courage, creativity, passion and faith and as she does, she helps others along the way to love a little more of themselves, one book, face paint and doll at a time. 


For more information on Sandra Epps’ products or services, visit; sandyslandllc.com or the Detroit Doll Show at www.facebook.com/DetroitDollShow

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