Gwinnett Will Expand Rideshare Program To Other Parts Of The County

April 13, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Because the program was so successful, the county has decided to expand the program to the Centerville area. During the eight-month pilot program, more than 44,000 people participated, averaging a…

School Board Candidates Want To Share Their Education Ideas On Forum

April 12, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Gwinnett County school board candidates will appeal to voters and discuss their ideas for education at three upcoming forums that will be broadcast online. One forum is tonight and two other for…

Your Commissioners Have Something To Share

April 11, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque will host two State of District 4 town halls this week. The first will be Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the meeting room at Fire Station 24, located at 2735…

Gwinnett County Employees Could Get Up To 4 Weeks Paid Parental Leave

April 7, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com The new Gwinnett policy provides up to four weeks of paid leave to employees after the birth, adoption or foster placement of a child. To qualify, employees must be full time and must have worked…

A Bonus Is Coming For Gwinnett County School Employees

April 6, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Most employees receiving the district’s bonus will get $2,000. Retirees who work for the district part time will receive $980. Employees will receive the one-time payment in their paychecks at the…

Talk Business Tuesday: How To Fit Augmented Reality Into Your Marketing Plan

April 5, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Learn some ways to use AR (Augmented Reality) to help you market your business.

Gwinnett School District Looking For Ways To Let More Students Eat Free

April 4, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Gwinnett County Public Schools will have to charge for meals next school year, but the district is working on ways to help more students eat for free. Gwinnett and many other school districts ha…

Suwanee Is Asking For Tomorrow To Be Random Acts Of Kindness

March 31, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Suwanee employees never got a chance to celebrate the life of their colleague, Adam Edge, when he died from cancer in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But they have continued to keep his mem…

Teachers Would Get A $2,000 Pay Raise Under Budget Proposal

March 30, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Under the proposed budget, all teachers, except the highest earners, and 43% of other employees would receive a raise through a salary step increase. Teachers would also get a $2,000 cost-of-livin…

Gwinnett's Solicitor General Will Not Get Jail Time

March 29, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Gwinnett County Solicitor General Brian Whiteside admitted in a Monday court hearing that he had committed criminal contempt by unilaterally canceling a judge’s calendar in January as the omicron …

Explore Gwinnett Will Place 100 Security Cameras In Hotels & Other Venues

March 28, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com The Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau will install more than 100 new safety cameras in hotels and major venues in Gwinnett County. The Flock Safety cameras use cellphone camera technology t…

Gwinnett Tech Ranks #4 In The Nation For Veteran Services

March 24, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Gwinnett Technical College has once again been recognized as one of the best in the nation. The College has earned significant national recognition for its outstanding Veterans Services in Militar…

Surprise Guest Gives Harmony Elementary A $25K Gift

March 23, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com armony Elementary got a surprise from a special visitor. Defending NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Larson, driver of the No. 5 HendrickCars.com Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, visited the Buford school to…

You Can Now Get A Passport At GJAC

March 22, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Gwinnett County residents can now head to the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Courthouse if they need to apply for a passport. County Clerk of Courts Tiana Garner's Office has opened a new pa…

Two Gen Z Brothers Are Teaching Boomers & Gen Xers About Tech

March 21, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com In response to helping people with the technology learning curve, two brothers from Duluth — Eesh Trivedi, 17, and Sohum Trivedi, 15 — established TechEase. While much of the Trivedi’s volunteer w…

Find Out How Ayris T. Scales Has Raised Over $50 Million Dollars In Grants & Investments

March 17, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.comAyris is a tri-sector executive who brings years of experience designing and executing fundraising strategies, culturally sensitive communications & policy planning. She has been called on to provi…

School Board Seats Has 7 Candidates Who Wants Your Vote

March 16, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Five candidates are vying to fill Everton Blair’s seat on the Gwinnett County Board of Education, while Steve Knudsen will face a single challenger. The field of candidates for the two school bo…

Gwinnett Daily Update & Talk Business Tuesday

March 15, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Should You Start Your Own Magazine? I break down why you should and the process for doing so in this episode of Good Morning Gwinnett.

Georgia Gwinnett College Earns Bronze 2022-2023 Military School Designation

March 14, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Georgia Gwinnett College has earned the bronze 2022-2023 Military Friendly® School designation. The designation is awarded to universities, colleges, community colleges and trade schools that ar…

Father and 12 Year Old Son Co-Author 2 Books

March 10, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Loganville resident Michael A. Carson and his 12-year-old son Matthew must by now be well familiar with the proverb “necessity is the mother of invention.” When the Carsons found themselves at hom…

Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office Sting: Operation One Star

March 9, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com This operation utilized 3,812 staffing hours, targeting areas in Gwinnett County with high crime percentages. By utilizing this form of proactive policing, our agency uses collective efforts to ta…

Talk Business Tuesday: Is Your Business Ready For The Metaverse?

March 8, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com If you have not heard of the Metaverse yet, stay tuned because you will. If you are a business owner, you may want to start thinking about what the Metaverse will mean to your business. In this…

BOOM! Everton Blair Drops A Bombshell

March 7, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Gwinnett County school board member Everton Blair dropped a bombshell on Friday when he announced he had suspended his campaign for Georgia’s state school superintendent position days before candi…

What Is W.A.V.E. & Who Is It For?

March 3, 2022

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Meet Chief Wanda Turner. She's the CEO of Class Act Security Protection & Training Academy. Her new initiative W.A.V.E. is empowering women to make new career choices in the Security Industry.