Podcast University

Welcome To Podcast University

Podcasting 101: 90 Minute Class $197

What You Will Learn:

  • How To Decide What To Podcast About
  • What Kind Of Podcast Will You Produce
  • What Will Your Podcast Niche Be
  • What Will You Name Your Show
  • Be Intentional About What You're Going To Talk About
  • How To Determine The Frequency Of Your Podcast
  • Will Your Show Be Audio, Video or Both
  • What Equipment You Need To Get Started
  • What Hosting Platform Is Right For Your Podcast
  • What Video Streaming Platform Will You Use
  • How To Create Your Podcast Artwork
  • Will You Create A Website Or Use Your Hosting Platform Site

Class Starts April 9th @ 12 pm EST.Click Here To Enroll $197


Podcasting 201: Building Your Audience $497 2 Days- Each Class is 2 hours

What You Will Learn:

  • Social Media
  • Publicity
  • Guesting
  • Podcast SEO
  • Leveraging Event Platforms
  • Leveraging News Sites
  • Intentional Networking
  • Leveraging Conferences

Class Starts April 22nd @ 11am-1pm Est & April 23rd 11am-1pmClick Here To Enroll $497


Podcasting Maximum Xposure (PMX $1,497.00)

What You Will Learn:

  • How To Create A Mobile App For Your Podcast
  • How To Create Videos For Your Podcast When It's Audio Only
  • How To Get Your Podcast On Amazon Alexa
  • How To Create Your Own Amazon Fire TV Channel
  • How To  Create Your Own Roku Channel
  • How To Monetize Your Podcast
  • Podcast Productivity Journal
  • Certificate Upon Completion Of Course 

Class Starts On May 6-7 2023 @ 10:30am-12:30pm EST.

Your Investment: $1497.00