Join The Network

If you are a podcaster and want to become part of a growing network, we would like to invite you to apply.  Now you maybe asking why would I join a network and the answer to that question is because you will be a part of a network that is committed to helping you grow your podcast and your business. 

There Are Over 1.9 Million Podcast Out There, But We Are Only Accepting 250 Podcast Partners

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Us?

  • 50/50 Split On Any Sponsors By Our Team That Are Secured For Your Show 
  • You Will Receive A Free NoiseMaker NFT( Launches October 2022 Limited to 250)
  • You Will Receive A Free NoiseCoin (Launching October 2022)
  • A Free NoiseCoin Will Be Given To Anyone That Subscribes To Your Show
  • Access To Our Metaverse As Long As You're An Active Member (Launching February 2023)
  • A page for your podcast on Noise Podcast Network
  • Marketing your podcast in the weekly issue The Noise Report
  • On going support and education about growing your podcast
  • Monthly Mastermind On How To Grow & Monetize Your Podcast
  • A profile interview about your podcast
  • A press release issued to announce you joining NPN
  • Marketing as a collective for your podcast
  • A branded Amazon Alexa Skill for your podcast
  • A branded mobile app

What's Your Investment?

***Introductory Investment***

Your investment is $127 Monthly or $1,270 Annually.

Because you are coming in at the beginning of the network launch, when you join us you will be locked into the introductory fee of $127.  This investment will increase in September 2022 to $247 a month.  Also for the first 25 people who sign on with us you will become a member of the founding 25.  You will receive a special Founding 25 Plaque at your one year anniversary if you are an active member or if you pay for the annual membership in advance.  So if you want to be a member of a network committed to helping you get more exposure for you podcast Join Us.  

Click Monthly Membership $127 Monthly          

Click Annual Membership $1,270