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Meet The Current Hosts

We are excited to be launching our co-hosting program.  There are a lot of business owners out there who would love to have a podcast, but they don't want to manage the process or are too busy.  They also, for the most part are intimidated by the thought of using the equipment.  Others don't want to be on camera alone, and that's why your being a co-host with them is so helpful. 

If you think that you have what it takes to be a cohost, we invite you add your profile to our directory.  To be added to the directory is $99 annually.  We will be recruiting new shows and some of our clients may want you to cohost with them or they may want you to host the show talking about their product or service for them.  The pay for being a cohost range from $50-$100 per episode depending on how the client wants to work with you.  Each episode is between 15-60 minutes long.

How Does It Work

We will be recruiting new shows for the network.  Our clients will visit our host directory and decide who they want to work with based on your bio and the audio that you submit.  They will let us know their choice.  You will be contacted to let you know you have a new show to host.  The client pays us and we pay you on the first of each month after you have actually hosted episodes.  Payment is based on per episode.  For example if you cohost  episodes with the client you will earn $50 per episode x2 episodes= $100. If you host the show alone with that same client, the pay will be $100 per episode x2=$200.

If you are requested by more than one client you can accept the client as well as long as you can manage them.  We will go over this some more in our onboarding and orientation.  

Why Become A Host With Us?

  • You are an independent contractor and you get to set a schedule that works for you and the client
  • You get to share your talents with the world
  • You get to help others share their message with the world
  • You are paid to talk
  • We will be doing a lot of the marketing for the podcast that you host
  • If we secure a sponsor for the show that you host, you will receive 10% of the sponsor revenue on top of the per episode revenue that your earn
  • You will receive a NoiseMaker NFT(Launches In October 2022)
  • You will receive NoiseCoins (Launches In October 2022)
  • You will have access to our private community where you will continue to learn about podcasting and how to help your client's podcast grow
  • You and your client get the opportunity to SHINE!

****NOTE**** If you are afraid of technology or being on camera, please don't join the directory.  Although the technology we use is pretty simple and you will be trained on how to use it, if tech scares you please don't signup.  

How To Get Started

  • Step 1: Enroll for the $99 (Automatically Renews Annually)
  • Step 3: Sign agreement and send it back to us
  • Step 4: Send us your bio, a picture and an audio sample, so we can hear how you sound
  • Step 5: Go through the 1 hour onboarding and orientation 
  • Step: 6 Your profile is added to the directory

Please Note: After You Go Through Onboarding & Orientation The $99 Is Non-Refundable.  

Enroll Today & Join Our Family $99

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