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Community Podcast

Welcome To Our Community Podcast Partner Program.  We are so excited to be able to give back in a major way to nonprofits who are doing great work in the community.  This program was inspired by a nonprofit that focus on prostate health for men. Although our inspiration for this program was a non-profit, we wanted to make this program available to regular entrepreneurs as well.  We know that you are busy and don't have the time to manage a podcast.  Some of you may even be afraid because podcasting seems a little intimidating.  Well put your mind at ease. We will co-host the podcast with you.   All you have to do is show up on your scheduled day and be ready to go live.  We will do the rest.  There are only 25 spots available.

Dominique Hagler-Dominique is the single mother of a beautiful 3 year old daughter, she's an actress, writer, podcaster and film producer.  She is the CEO of Dolly Vision Entertainment where she produces web series made for streaming TV.  When she's not focused on her passions, by day she's an IT Engineer.  Dominique is the producer of Dating Amari and the host of the Dolly Said It Podcast which is all about everyday living from a millennial perspective.  

Derrick J. Wilson-Derrick is a husband and the father of two beautiful children.  Although Derrick is an entrepreneur of two business, if you have the chance to speak to Derrick, you will find that he is a community advocate who loves politics. Derrick has been a political candidate in two Georgia political races. Derrick is the cohost of the Popcorn and Politic podcast. 

Georgette Taylor- Georgette is a wife and the mother of two wonderful young men and grandmother of a beautiful grandson.  Georgette grew up in the Bronx, New York back in the 70's which was all about free love.  She was an assistant producer at CUNY TV for 15 years, now she is the host of In The Doll World Podcast.  She shines the spotlight on those in the doll industry and share their stories.

The program includes the following:

  • 2 Live Podcasts Episode Produced Each Month
  • A Podcast Page On Noise Podcast Network
  • A Channel On Noise TV Network Under Community Partners or Relevant Category
  • A Mobile App For Your Podcast
  • An Amazon Alexa App For Your Podcast
  • A Press Release Issued To Announce Your New Podcast
  • Access To Our Podcast Community & Monthly Mastermind
  • A Profile Story In NoiseMaker Magazine
  • A Profile Story In The Noise Report Newsletter
  • Noise NFT (Launching October 2022)
  • Noise Coin (Launching October 2022)
  • Access To Noise Metaverse (Launching February 2023)
  • All You Have To Do Is Show Up On Your Scheduled Day Ready To Go Live & We Do The RestThere Are Only 25 Spots Available!

Next Steps: 

  • Enroll in the program-The first month will be contract agreements signing and the onboarding process
  • Schedule an onboarding call with your cohost to discuss the show concept, equipment requirements, production schedule and show artwork
  • Your show is setup on all streaming platforms
  • Second onboarding call is scheduled to address any questions or concerns before you go live.
  • You go live at your scheduled date and time.

Enrollment Cost: $497 Monthly.  Click Here To Enroll


  • Who own the rights to my show? You own full rights to your show and can cancel production at any time, however we would suggest that you give your audience a heads up to let them know that you are moving in a new direction.
  • Do I need a separate podcast hosting account for my show?  Yes.  This way you can syndicate your show on as many podcast directories as possible for maximum exposure.
  • How will I know which platform to use to host my show?  Your cohost will give you suggestions based on the concept and the frequency of your show.
  • I have no idea what kind of equipment I need to get started and I'm not technical.  Don't worry, that's why you have us and we will tell you what equipment you need and we will do all of the heavy tech stuff for you.
  • Will you help me grow my show?  Yes. Please look at the benefits above
  • If you secure a sponsor for my show what percentage of the sponsorship will I receive?  You will receive 60% of the sponsorship revenue.
  • If I bring a sponsor to the table for my show, what percentage will Noise receive from that sponsor revenue?  Noise will receive 40% which will have to be paid to Noise before sponsor information is included in the episode.  You will always keep 60% of any sponsor revenue secured for your show.
  • Do I need my own website for my show?  Technically you don't, but if you are in business you should have your own website even though you will have a site here on the network.
  • If I decide that I no longer want a cohost can I still be a member of the Noise Podcast Network?  Yes. At that point you can cancel this membership and move into the member membership where you will then get all of the perks there.
  • If I decide to cancel will I still have access to my mobile app?  Unfortunately if you cancel, your mobile app membership will be canceled, however we will instruct you on what you can do to keep the app active.  As long as you are enrolled in our member or cohost program you will be entitled to all of the benefits.  Once you decide to cancel, all benefits will be canceled.