Branded Company Podcast

Brands Are Embracing Podcasting To Drive Awareness, Why Aren't You?

Here are just a few reasons why your brand deserves a podcast:

  • Podcasting has crossed over into mass consumer adoption.  There are millions of people listening to podcasts daily.
  • Podcasting is a cutting edge marketing strategy
  • Podcasting creates massive global exposure even if you have a local business.

My team and I have collectively created over 1,000 episodes in a variety of industries.  That being said, we know a little something about podcasting.  We also know that you are busy running your business and time to create a podcast might be an issue for you.  If that is the case, that's where we step in to make your life easier.  You are probably thinking that would be great if you could have a branded podcast that you didn't have to worry about, and we're here to tell you that you can.  Check out what our program offers.

  • Branded Company Video Podcast (4 Thirty Minutes Episodes Produced A Month) 

    • One Of Our Show Host Will Host Your Podcast
    • Audio/Video Trailer Produced
    • Podcast Artwork 
    • Podcast Intro/Outro
    • Podcast Distribution On 25 Podcasts Aggregators & Directories
    • Mobile App
    • Amazon Alexa Skill 
    • Amazon Flash Briefing 
    • Podcast SEO
    • YouTube Channel 
    • YouTube Clips 
    • Vimeo Channel
    • Roku Channel 
    • Amazon Channel 
    • Show notes for each episode 
    • Podcast Website on Noise 
    • PR to announce Podcast Launch 

If you still have questions, let's have a chat.  We will answer your questions in our 60 minute consultation which is $250.  When you decide to work with us, we will deduct the $250 from your first monthly fee.

You've read enough and don't want to waste another minute.  You're ready to get started.  Then go ahead and click the launch button below.

What Happens Next?

Month 1:

  • We will do an onboarding call
  • Show concept will be developed
  • Branded artwork will be created
  • Show host will be identified
  • Intro/Outros will be produced
  • Podcast audio & video trailer will be done
  • All video channels will be set up

Month 2: 

  • Show goes live
  • Press release issued to announce the show
  • Show will be submitted to all podcast directories & aggregators
  • Mobile app will be created
  • Amazon Alexa will be created
  • Amazon Flash Briefing will be created


  • Who own the rights to my show? You own full rights to your show and can cancel production at any time, however we would suggest that you give your audience a heads up to let them know that you are moving in a new direction.
  • Do I need a separate podcast hosting account for my show?  Yes.  This way we can syndicate your show on as many podcast directories as possible for maximum exposure.
  • How will I know which platform to use to host my show?  We will give you suggestions based on the concept and the frequency of your show.
  • Will you help me grow my show?  Yes. Please look at the benefits above
  • If you secure a sponsor for my show what percentage of the sponsorship will I receive?  You will receive 60% of the sponsorship revenue.
  • If I bring a sponsor to the table for my show, what percentage will Noise receive from that sponsor revenue?  Noise will receive 40% which will have to be paid to Noise before sponsor information is included in the episode.  You will always keep 60% of any sponsor revenue secured for your show.
  • Do I need my own website for my show?  Technically you don't, but if you are in business you should have your own website even though you will have a site here on the network.
  • If I decide that I no longer want your host to host my show can I still be a member of the Noise Podcast Network?  Yes. At that point you can cancel this membership and move into the member membership where you will then get all of the perks there.
  • If I decide to cancel will I still have access to all of my marketing channels?  Unfortunately if you cancel, your mobile app membership will be canceled, however we will instruct you on what you can do to keep the app active. We will also provide you with access to all of your platforms so that you can manage them.  As long as you are enrolled in our member or brand program you will be entitled to all of the benefits that we manage for you.  Once you decide to cancel, all benefit management will be canceled.  We are always available on a consulting basis.