June 21, 2022

We Crashed The Story Of WeWork Inspired Me To Be Crazy & Start A Podcast Network, NFT & Coin

We Crashed The Story Of WeWork Inspired Me To Be Crazy & Start A Podcast Network, NFT & Coin

WeWorkI’ve been podcasting since about 2009. I started out on BlogTalk Radio. I remember when I first thought about starting a network the only person that I knew doing that at the time was Tavis Smiley who used to host a show on PBS at 11:30pm at night. If I remember correctly starting a network on BlogTalk was about $7,000 a month, which was way out of my budget, but for people like Tavis it was doable. In fact, I don’t even think people were making money from podcasting back then. I know I wasn’t, that’s why after about 200 episodes and not making any money I decided it was time to do something else. But then the industry started to change. I found out about this guy named Pat Flynn who was talking about all the money he was making from podcasting, and I decided that I had to get back in. So, in 2015 I started again after moving from New Jersey to Georgia. I’m pretty sure I was the only one in my town podcasting, at least that’s what I believe. 

Pat was sharing his income reports and people were getting excited including me. I was thinking I can finally make money doing something that I love, but to my surprise that’s not what happened. No money was rolling in my way, so I quit podcasting again. After stopping I thought about going into politics, so that I could do something meaningful with my life, but after about a year into learning about politics and the craziness that goes on behind the scenes, I knew for sure that wasn’t my calling. Now it’s 2018 and after a long hard look at my life and where I was going and where I wanted to be, I decided once more to give podcasting a try, but this time I wasn’t going to stop no matter what, so I launched Good Morning Gwinnett and I modeled the podcast sort of like radio.  I go live 4 days a week on Spreaker, I play music, read the horoscopes, and talk about local news. I love doing this show and as if 4 days a week live wasn’t enough l launched 3 more shows. I am in for sure because podcasting is my happy place. Then I went to Podfest for the first time in 2019 and I heard this man name Glen talk and a young lady named Jamie. They were talking about something called Horse Radio Network where they talked about horses. I was like what the what. A podcast network that only talk about horses. This was eye opening, but what was even more eye opening was another gentleman that spoke on starting a podcast network too at Podfest, and he was like there were 27 podcasts on his network and he hosted them all and get this I think all 27 was about insurance. OMG I’m starting a network when I get back to Georgia. So, when I got back, I was so inspired about all the amazing people that I met that I authored a book called PodChix:  Stories From 14 Women Who Podcast. Instead of starting the network I applied to be a speaker at the next Podfest for 2020 and got accepted. I was able to share my story of starting and producing a hyperlocal podcast. This was exciting, but right after Podfest 2020 the world shut down because of the pandemic, I had just moved into my studio that February before I went to Podfest and when I got back, I had to shut it down because everything was shut down. When everything opened back up in May I was so paranoid that I refused to go back in the building, so I fixed my home studio up and the magic was happening from there.

Then my world came crashing down in 2021. My whole family got Covid, and I lost my mom on January 2, 2021. I was devastated. She passed at 5:15am that morning and I still did my show at 10am live. I was a mess, but I did it anyway. She listened to my show every morning and I knew she would have wanted me to do it. Although I loved doing my show the only thing that kept me sane after her loss was Clubhouse believe it or not. Someone had told me about it, and I stared to listen to all the amazing people who were on there sharing. I could not sleep, so listening to everyone made me feel better. The funny thing about Clubhouse for me though is that even though it helped me get through one of the roughest times in my life, I never dove all the way into the platform. I’ve stayed devoted to podcasting, so much so that I finally launched the network. Noise Podcast Network is live and ready to do important things in the podcast space. Most of the shows on the network right now are all mine, but it’s my vision to add more shows, but I know I needed to have an amazing reason to get people to join my network, but I didn’t know what that was.  Well that changed when I watched We Crashed which is a mini-series about WeWork and the fellow who started the company.  There was a scene in the series where the Asian billionaire told the founder he needed to be crazy if he wanted to be a millionaire and when he said that the WeWork founder went crazy. I loved this series. It ranks right up there with The Pursuit Of Happyness and Apple Mortgage Cake for me.

After watching the series, I got to thinking about what I could do that was crazier than launching a podcast network and that’s when I decided that maybe I could launch an NFT to go with it, since I knew how to do that. You see I launched the Madam Butterfly NFT at the beginning of January 2022, so I knew I could do that, but I had to build in a utility for the NFT other than just having an NFT. The next crazy thing I thought about was what if I launched our own coin for the network. Now we could be just like Doge or Shiba. This is crazy I know, but I could do it and guess what. I’m doing it. I will launch an NFT and coin for those who become members of Noise Podcast Network. I love podcasting, hence why I host so many, but I realize that we have only scratched the surface in this space and everything around us is moving at lightning speed. I’m not going to be catching up, I will be right there moving with it, and I will help those who become a part of my network do the same. For many, podcasting is a part-time thing, but for me it’s my life’s work. I just got accepted into the Amazon Influencer program and guess what I will be doing on Amazon Live? I will be interviewing authors and women who podcast, because I authored the book back in 2020, now I’m launching the show PodChix:  Stories From Women Who Podcast. I’m moving back into my studio and now I must get even more powerful computers, because it’s going down in Gwinnett County Georgia. I do this thing every day, and I don’t plan on stopping until it’s time for me to join my mother in heaven. If the founder of WeWork can do something crazy and build something iconic so can I. I am 55 years old right now, the same age Arianna Huffington was when she started Huff Post which is another iconic brand and again I believe I can build an iconic brand too.

Audrey Bell-Kearney is the founder of Noise Podcast Network which is a division of Noise Media Network a media and marketing agency. For more information contact Audrey at Audrey@NoiseMedia.us www.NoisePodcastNetwork.com 678-809-0344.